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Founder/CEO + Professional Organizer


Organization runs deep within my families DNA. I am self-proclaimed with OCD, so it’s a no brainier that I have ended up finally living out my dream as a professional organizer. 


From a very young age, I was always the child who never had to be told to pick up my room. When I left for college and officially moved out on my own, was when I could finally organize my space the way I wanted, and I haven’t stopped since! 17-years later, my love for organization and a tidy space has not only grown but has rubbed off on my 12-year-old son.. making me one proud mama!


At OrganizeME Professional Organization, we understand that for many organization does not come naturally. Moving, combining homes, letting go of sentimental items or non-sentimental items can be tough for many! 


Our goal is to provide our clients with a judgement-free zone where we will work together to not only take the stress and pressure off your plate while also provide you with the tools that will help simplify your home and life. 


Professional Organizer


Emily joined us in April 2022 as our first official Assistant Professional Organizer, we're still workshopping the name because she is more than an assistant - we couldn't do what we do without her!


She is a wife and a loving dog mom. Emily joins us with over 6+ years of professional organization experience.  She took a brief break from the organizing world to try out corporate but had decided that organization is her true passion. She has an eye for perfection and her joyful and bubbly personality is contagious. 


Assistant Organizer


Ellie joined us in July of 2022. Organizing has always been something that comes naturally to her. When she was younger, she used to take it upon herself to organize and clean the house for her mom for special occasions. The feeling of relief she saw in her made her feel so happy and she realized that this kind of work was something that she could do to help others.


In her professional career before organizing, she worked for several amazing non-profits as a Farmers Market Manager and a Program Coordinator. When she decided she wanted to transition careers, she wanted to focus on the daily skills she really enjoyed doing. She realized that organizing and helping people were at the top of that list! Working as a Professional Organizer has been such an amazing fit for her so far and she is so excited to continue in a career that she love!

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