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30-Day Declutter Challenge

You can painlessly declutter your house in 30 days by following this step-by-step challenge. 


When your home is filled with clutter, it’s hard to know where to start. Trust me, I’ve been there.

This challenge makes it much easier, by giving you a new area to tackle every day for 30 days. 

Some days you may only spend 5 minutes tackling this decluttering challenge, other days you may spend an hour or more.


It really all depends on the size of your home, and how much clutter you have. 


Reasons you need to take The Decluttering Challenge:

  • Less mess means less stress.

  • Create a home you love.

  • Have a home that is always guest ready.

  • Have a healthier, cleaner home.


How To Organize Your Home In 30 Days?

Everything in your home should be something you use, need, or love. If something doesn’t fall into these categories, it’s time to let it go.


Your home should reflect who you are and what you love.


It should be a place of comfort and happiness. When you tackle the clutter that is just making your home messy, you are giving yourself peace of mind.


When you have less stuff, your home is less likely to get out of control again.


Set up a storage bin for the following, you will be using these things every day as you tackle the clutter, so have them ready.

  • Items to sell

  • Items to donate

  • Trash bags for all that stuff you will throw away.


Now it’s time to minimize clutter and simplify your life!


Day 1: Refrigerator

Take everything out and put it in a cooler. Discard all expired food. Wipe clean the shelves and drawers, before putting the food back in.

Day 2: Freezer

Just like you did the day before with the refrigerator. Remove everything and place it in a cooler.

Toss anything more than 6 months old. Wipe out the freezer before replacing your food.

Day 3: Pantry

Take everything out and place it on the kitchen table. Check expiration dates as you go. If you are unsure, toss it.

Wipe down all the pantry shelves before putting the food back. Organize the food as you place it back onto the shelves.

Day 4: All Kitchen Drawers

Today is the day you will go through every drawer in your kitchen.

Yes, that includes the JUNK drawer!

Discard anything that you no longer use or haven’t used in over a year.

Now is the time to go through all of those extra utensils, if you don’t use them, get rid of them.

Day 5:  All Top Cabinets

Now if you have a large kitchen then just tackling the top cabinets will make things easier.

Start with one cabinet at a time and remove everything.

Get rid of anything broken or chipped.

Remember you don’t need 50 food storage lids - its OK to toss those without matching lids..

In fact, go ahead and match all food storage containers with lids, if you have any leftover with a missing piece toss it.

Wipe out the cabinets before you put everything back.

Day 6: All Bottom Cabinets

Do exactly as you did the day before, this time with the bottom cabinets.

If you have a lot of pots and pans, now is the time to get rid of what you don’t ever use.

If you have scratched frying pans, toss those because they aren’t healthy for you.

Day 7: Kitchen Counters

One tip that makes your kitchen look instantly clean, is having nothing on the counters. Only store what you use daily on your counters. For me, that is just a coffeepot.

That’s right, the KitchenAid mixer, the toaster, and even the can opener stay stored in my pantry until I need to use them. Today, you need to completely clean off your kitchen counters. Wipe them clean.

Then decide what you can store away. Only put back what you use daily.  Remember to have a place for your mail, so it doesn’t pile up on the counters.






Living/Dining Room





Day 15: Bathroom Cabinets & Drawers

Day 16: Toiletries and Makeup 

Day 17: Medicine Cabinet

Day 18: Linen Closet

Day 19: Laundry Room

Day 20: Catch



Day 1: Refrigerator

Day 2: Freezer

Day 3: Pantry

Day 4: All Kitchen Drawers

Day 5: All Top Cabinets

Day 6: All Bottom Cabinets

Day 7: Kitchen Counters



Day 21: Remove Unused Apps

Day 22: Back-Up All Photos

Day 23: Paper Clutter

Day 24: Inbox

Day 25: Wallet/Handbag

Day 26: Cancel Unused Subscriptions



Day 8: Dresser Drawers

Day 9: Nightstands

Day 10: Master Closet

Day 11: All Other Closets

Day 12: Under Beds

Day 13: Master Bedroom



Day 27: Car

Day 28: Patio/Porch

Day 29: Décor

Day 30: Other Rooms (Office, Playroom, Garage) 

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