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15-Minute Consultation:

Not sure where to begin? Let's chat through your specific situation and decide which solution is best for you. And best of all, it's FREE to you! ​

75-Minute Consultation:

Ready to get decluttered and organized? Lets chat through your current organizational challenges, goals and timeline to identify a manageable game plan.  

During your consultation, we will take a walkthrough of your home (onsite or via video) to better understand your project. 


Post consultation you will receive the following: 

  • Solutions for your project space(s) based on your needs

  • Shopping recommendations of organizational products, staying within your desired budget

  • Arrangement of referrals with other service providers if needed this includes installers, electricians, junk removal, ect.)

  • Removal and drop off of donation items (one car-load per session)

  • Contact with me via email & phone following the consultation as needed.

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