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It's time to move, now what?

Looking to move, or recently sold your home and not sure where to start? Let us help you get your home ready for moving day. 

STAGING: You deserve the best return on your investment! Home Staging is a perfect marketing : tool to sell homes faster and for the highest price. Let us help you get your home ready! 

​Staging prep will begin with a walkthrough of your house to better understand the sellers goals, priorities and timeline.​


Additional Inclusions: 

  • Depersonalization of the home,

  • Storage of items that will be moved by the relocations company 

  • Staging of existing furniture

  • Cleaning of mirrors, and countertops

  • Shopping for staging products, if needed (invoiced separately) 

  • Packing/Moving prep will begin with a walkthrough of the home with an onsite or video consultation to better understand your project goals, vision priorities and timeline.


PACKING: Professional packing makes unpacking quick & easy. Everything will be labeled, organized and ready to unpack and enjoy your new home. 


Additional Inclusions: 

  • Working with you to declutter before the packing begins

  • Sorting and grouping items for packing

  • Packing and labeling boxes (for moving)

  • Taking any trash and donations (one car-load per session)

  • Scheduling removal services for larger/bulk items if needed

  • Move management - facilitating the moving process, ensuring the movers place all boxes/furniture in their designated rooms (full move package only)

  • Shopping for organizing products we will need in your new home

  • Unpacking your items upon completion of the move

Package pricing includes one organizer, for each additional organizer the rate is $45/hour.

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